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Primary Care

Covenant Clinics has a small primary care practice, where we hope to honor God through quality, compassionate care to our patients, understanding that they have entrusted us with caring for their health. It is a privilege to partner with you to meet the goals of disease prevention and wellness, controlled costs, and an exceptional provider-patient experience.


We provide a wide range of services, including: 

  • Preventive Services 

  • Annual Wellness Exams 

  • Employment Physicals 

  • School/Sports Physicals 

  • Disease Management 

    • Diabetes 

    • Cholesterol 

    • Hypertension 

    • Heart Disease 

    • Asthma

    • Thyroid 

    • Infections 

    • Sprains/Strains 

    • Allergies 


We do not provide bariatric services, and due to weight limits on clinic equipment, chairs and exam tables we must humbly restrict services to patients under 350lbs.


Primary care enrollment is available to patients over the age of 16. We recommend that children and youth have a pediatric primary care provider.


We do not provide inpatient (hospital) services or OB/GYN specialty services, but will assist patients with referrals to obtain these when indicated.


We do not provide long-term prescription therapy requiring controlled substances for pain or other conditions. This includes narcotic treatment for chronic pain, treatment for addiction and withdrawal, prescription weight loss treatment, or medical marijuana. 

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